The daily catch

by Lucy Gilliam

Great news today! I’ve been given some contact details of people to visit on the voyage.

In Vigo is CETMAR (a marine research facility for Galicia) who are working on a LIFE+ project (European funding programme) on recovery and re-use of fishing nets (which contain valuable nylon) and other fishing wastes.

Estimates are 100,000 tonnes is currently lost in the UK either at sea (which creates lots of damage to marine vessels and marine biodiversity as well as ‘ghost fishing’) or is recovered and ends up in landfill (what a waste).  WRAP (DEFRA sponsored body) are planning to work with CETMAR and other major EU fishing nations as part of a new LIFE+ bid  this year to increase the amount of material recovered. Cleaner seas and happier birds. Whoop whoop.

Fingers crossed I will get to meet them and find out more about the project when we stop in Vigo to collect our cargo! Loving the connections that are building for the New Dawn Traders. Another world is possible!

Many thanks to Martin Brockenhurst for the connection to CETMAR and support for the New Dawn Traders!

Found in the guts of an Albatross

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