Slow fish adventures in Stavanger, Norway

by Lucy Gilliam

Tres Hombres Ship will be receiving a fabulous sustainable Slow Food cargo of Stockfish destined for Lisbon, Portugal.Stockfish is a traditional fish product from Norway and is one of the protect ‘Ark of Taste‘ flavours chosen by the Slow Food presidio. The Ark of taste campaign seeks to find and protect traditional artisan foods, tastes and flavours around the globe. Many thanks to Ove Fosså, the Slow Food Norway President and Terje Ingerhaug for their help in recreating this historic trade.

Terje sailed with Tres Hombres 3 years ago when Tres Hombres collected a fine cargo of Norwegian produce coordinated by Ove and delivered by the power of the wind to Cardiff. Tres hombres ship were delighted to host Ove for dinner on the ship last night and hear details of this trade.

The crew of the Tres Hombres have been having their own Slow fish Slow Food adventures in Port, hand-smoking herring and experimenting with delicious salt fish recipes. Check out our photos here.Image

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