This way forwards and backwards over the stormy seas..

by Lucy

Arrrr. I’m in Cascais, Portugal after an exciting trip through the North sea, English channel and the Bay of Biscay. At one point I thought we’d never leave the channel. Tick tack backwards and forwards skirting the edge of gale force winds. The north sea was a bloody cold washing machine. I had funtimes helming the ship and hauling the sails. Followed by some galley action from France onwards. The crew has become a slick well oiled sailing machine after all the tacking and gybing we mastered on the last leg. Been so great watching how our hotch potch international crew have jelled together in our uber close quarters overcoming the extreme conditions and zero privacy. Now moored on anchor in Cascais bay planning a slow food party on board, unloading stockfish, loading olive oil and muxaget Portuguese wine, and provisioning the ship for the next 2 months. The ship is magical in so many ways… I hope we can make this possible for so many more to do voyages like this because basically you haven’t lived until you’ve sailed a tall ship. Blog and photos to follow once the long list of chores are done. IMG_0322