Bacalao & Wine

by Lucy Gilliam

On Saturday 23rd we hosted a wine tasting and ‘Bacalao’ Salt cod feast aboard SV Tres Hombres in Cascais, Portugal. Muxaget wine are shipping some of their wine all the way around the Atlantic destined for Xisto Wines in Bristol. The crew all got the chance to sample the cargo while loading. We also unloaded our shipment of ‘Clipfish’ (Bacalao) for our local importer Pedro from Skrei Ltd.

In honour of the sail transported salt fish I prepared the traditional Portuguese meal of Bacalao with potatoes, cabbage, boiled eggs and roasted peppers which is traditionally served at Christmas in Portugal.

Apparently according to traditions a Portuguese woman is apparently not ready for marriage until she can make 365 different ‘bacalao’ dishes. I’m 1/365 the way towards being Portuguese marriage material…

Here are a few photos from the day.

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