Explorers Festival 2013 Art Exhibition

I’m excited to have mine and Jamie Pikes ‘New Dawn Traders’ photographs exhibited in The EXPLORERS Gallery in Lisbon in a weeks time. The EXPLORERS Gallery is a collaboration between The EXPLORERS FESTIVAL 2013 and ART STATION curated by Xxavier Edward Carter and Fanni Foldvari powered by Konica Minolta.

The exhibition will feature photography by local and international artists four rooms have been populated under the themes of Exploring Trade, Exploring Balance, Exploring Light, and Exploring Landscape. New Dawn Traders will feature aptly in the ‘Exploring trade’ theme.

“Through the experience of this collaborative effort we encounter the real life images of lives seeking to define their journeys through artistic means. We the curators encourage you to consider these lives and through the use of artistic expression embrace practices that engage the social, racial, cultural, economic, and political mechanisms for a positive change when developing your life.” Xxavier Edward Carter, 2013.

Excited to be featured in my first Art exhibition! If you are in Lisbon get down to see it. I’ll post photographs once I arrive, by sail ship aboard SV Tres Hombres, into Lisbon in 2 weeks time.