Irene in Combwich, 1941

Today Jamie and I received an email from a lady called Patsy Jones. She spotted our article in the Guardian and got in touch with pictures she dug out for us. She was evacuated during the war to Combwich in the vale of Bridgwater in 1941 and remembers Irene.

Patsy says:
I have post card which must have been pre- war when she was a light colour and then in 1941 she was black to make her less visible crossing the Bristol Channel. The Irene and the Woodcock took bricks to S Wales and brought coal back to fire the kilns and for local use. Even as a small child I can remember the concern if they were late and missed a tide into the Pill. I wonder what happened to the Woodcock….’

This is one of the nicest parts of the project is harvesting the stories that surround this ship. Learning, creating, reforming pictures of Irene’s history and hopefully creating a vision of her future.

Patsy – thank you so much for getting in touch with these pictures! I’ve passed them onto Irene’s owner and Skipper for you.