lucy on tres hombres

Dr Lucy Gilliam is a Founder and Director of New Dawn Traders, a partnership of Artists, Scientists, and Chefs re-imagining global trade by sail while promoting the concept of ‘slow food’. Lucy is a Microbial Ecologist & Soil Scientist, having previously worked as a researcher at Rothamsted Research and as a science advisor for Defra. Lucy is passionate about food & cooking, biodiversity & nature, sailing & the sea, activism & storytelling for a greener cleaner planet, which combines in New Dawn Traders perfectly.

An adventurous explorer, environmental scientist and story teller with a yearning for the high seas and a world beyond fossil fuels.

History of Lucy and the New Dawn Traders

In 2012 I underwent a very necessary ReDesign of myself. Enough is enough! I cried. No longer could I bear the shackles of my desk. I decided to follow my dreams of adventures on the high seas and discovery of new worlds (which were new to me at least!).

 In January 2012 the opportunity of a lifetime materialized. The once in a lifetime chance to set sail on an adventure to establish fair trade and fair transport of goods under Sail rather than by fossil fuel powered cargo ships. For those of you that know me I had been talking of fossil fuel free futures and re-establishing the old trade routes by sail for quite some time.

In February 2012 I boarded the good ship Irene of Bridgwater and become the 10th crew member on the maiden voyage of ‘The New Dawn Traders’. The aim of our voyage was to establish a fair trade fair transport company trading goods under sail.

Fare Trade by Sail.

I am a passionate advocate for sustainability of our ecosystems, and the value of nature, biodiversity and action around reducing severity of climate change. Make no mistake I am utterly convinced of the adverse impact of humanity on the biosphere and the rate at which fossil fuel emissions are radically altering our planet.

I am passionate about inspiring people to take action to improve their environmental footprint. I’m a real foodie and I love to invent new dishes, cooking for friends and family. I grew up in the countryside on a small holding and have lived for years on boats. Living with a close connection to open space, water and the sky is very important to me. I believe that diversity of food is key to both our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our beautiful home, our one and only planet earth.

I hope you enjoying reading about my journey exploring ‘Slow Food‘ and ‘Fare Trade by Sail’…..